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Dec 19

8 Steps to Easy, Fast, and a Low-Cost CMMI Implementation

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Dec 19

The common complaints I hear from companies who are interesting in implementing the CMMI and obtaining a maturity level are:

  • — The CMMI is too big and takes too long to implement
  • — Company person don’t have enough time for documenting and improving their processes
  • — It is way too expensive

I have worked with many companies who have used CMMI Live to implement the CMMI and obtain a maturity level.  CMMI Live addresses not only the issues above, but also the eight major steps to a successful implementation and appraisal.

  1. 1. Let everyone know why you are implementing the CMMI and how important it is to the company. This should be done often and come from senior management – people need to know that senior management supports this. The communication log within CMMI Live is a unique feature that will keep all company personnel in the loop at all times.
  1. 2. Let employees know how the CMMI will affect them. People get nervous when anything new is to happen within their company. One of the biggest misinterpretations when implementing the CMMI is that people think that they will be told how to do their job – they will have no input on the processes they will be expected to follow.  By using CMMI Live company personnel have direct input on the processes they will be using.  Personnel have the ability to submit improvement suggestions and process issues.  These suggestions and issues are assigned to another individual and require a response – your input will not get ignored or lost.
  1. 3. Make the CMMI implementation a project, with a project manager. The CMMI implementation should have resources assigned, a plan, a schedule, and a budget. If the implementation is created and managed as a project, then a successful implementation is more likely.  CMMI Live is perfect for managing a project.  The communication log will ensure everyone is kept informed of the progress and the project stays on schedule.
  1. 4. Create an organization process improvement infrastructure. Establishing two groups within your organization is essential to a successful CMMI implementation.
    1. — One is a group of persons typically from each department, project, or area; normally managers or leads. Often referred to as the organization process group (OPG), this is the heart of process improvement with the company.
    2. — The other group is an executive group typically called the executive steering committee. This group is made up of the sponsor and senior managers and has the responsibility for executive level process improvement decisions, e.g., budget decisions.

The Groups feature within CMMI Live allows for easy group set up and meetings.  The two process improvement groups normally involve people who are very busy, so conducting meetings, communications, and issues will always happen because it is so easy to do.  This also will demonstrate senior management commitment.

  1. 5. Define the organization project types. There will be certain project types that are small and which it does not makes sense to have that project follow all CMMI practices. This will need to be defined in the organization policy.  There can be several types or categories of projects.  Some projects may be very small and should be excluded from following the organization’s standard processes.

With CMMI Live you can create project templates for the different project types and copy the appropriate template for the project type.  This ensures that the processes that a project type should be implementing will be used.

  1. 6. Benchmark the company’s current processes. Before implementing the CMMI and making changes to your current processes, you need to know how compliant to the CMMI your processes are. With CMMI Live, you map your processes to each role, and since there is a role for each practice of the CMMI through level 3, you will always know where your process gaps are.
  1. 7. Document your processes. CMMI Live has a CMMI compliant infrastructure which contains processes and templates for you to customize or update with the way your company does business. Then you have processes for each practice within the CMMI.
  1. 8. Have a CMMI Institute-certified lead appraiser help and guide the organization along the way. No one can take the place of a CMMI Institute-certified lead appraiser who has experience implementing the CMMI in a variety of organizations in different industries. With CMMI Live the lead appraiser can access the company CMMI Live site and review documents and artifacts as they are created.  This allows for continuous reviews, coaching, and training.  CMMI Live eliminates all the traveling and expenses for the SCAMPI preparations.  This approach also increases the likelihood of a successful
    quicker CMMI implementation.

To get a better understanding of the capabilities of CMMI Live and to see how it can save you a lot of time and money meeting your process improvement goals, please use our Contact Us form to request a quick 30-minute online demo. If you like, ask for me and I will attend the meeting!

Kevin Cotherman
CMMI Institute Certified Lead Appraiser
kmcpic @

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