Sep 19


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The CMMI RFP Requirement, a Brief History In the 1980’s the US Department of Defense (DoD) had been burned by many vendors for delivery their projects late, over budget, and with many defects.  The DoD thought there should be some way to increase the likelihood that vendors deliver quality products on time and on budget.  […]

Jul 10

CMMI Project Monitoring Makes Your RFP Responses IRRESISTIBLE!

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CMMI-Live Helps Your Company Win Lucrative New Contracts With a Valuable, New Competitive Advantage! Your company likely pursued a CMMI certification to satisfy a customer requirement or to qualify for otherwise out-of-reach RFPs. However, simply having a CMMI certification does not differentiate your organization from your similarly CMMI certified competitors. You need a way to […]

Mar 15

Question: CMMI Appraisal – Has PIID completion [requirement] changed?

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This question was submitted by an attendee of our “Ask the Lead Appraisers” webinar. We received great questions from the group, so we decided to post the questions and our answers so everyone can benefit. The SEI-certified Lead Appraisers hosting the webinars and answering questions are Kevin Cotherman and Debbie O’Grady. Question continued:  When we […]