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Oct 19


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Oct 19

Three Words to Supercharge Your RFP’s CMMI Requirement: “CMMI Project Monitoring”

In my last blog I wrote about the history of the CMM/CMMI and how a maturity level became a requirement in an RFP.  I also wrote how some vendors to US Federal Agencies are gaming the maturity level requirement and are not following the CMMI after winning the work.  I ended by saying that there is a way to guarantee your winning vendor will use the CMMI for your project – and it only requires adding three words to your RFP.

Here is How it Works

Federal Agencies can protect themselves from vendors who game the system by including a “CMMI Project Monitoring” requirement in their RPFs.  With project monitoring, an independent CMMI process professional will continuously monitor the software/systems vendor to ensure they are following their processes and creating the correct artifacts.

Using CMMI-Live or another appropriate tool, the CMMI process professional will be notified as soon as project artifacts are created and uploaded.  These artifacts will immediately be reviewed to ensure they were created according to the processes/templates.  Any issues or deviations would be documented and both the vendor and the federal agency would get notified.  A monthly report would be submitted showing activity and issues for the month.

This would guarantee that the vendor will follow the CMMI or you will be notified and can take action.  Here are other benefits to the federal agencies:

  • Saving taxpayer money
  • Holding vendors accountable
  • Increased likelihood of projects being delivered on time and on budget
  • Increased project quality

Try it Just Once and Experience Guaranteed CMMI Excellence for Your Project

Why wouldn’t you do this?  Really, why – I’d like to know.  This makes so much sense, and there is no downside and no effort on your part.

If you have a requirement shouldn’t your vendor be following the requirement?  You can guarantee it by adding three words to your RFP.

Feel free to contact me if you want to more specific information or if you have questions.

Kevin Cotherman
CMMI Institute Certified Lead Appraiser
Kmcpic  @

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