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Mar 1

Question: I’m having problems determining what to present as artifacts in the GP2.2- 2.3 area for a Class C.

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Mar 1

This question was submitted by an attendee of our “Ask the Lead Appraisers” webinar. We received great questions from the group, so we decided to post the questions and our answers so everyone can benefit. The SEI-certified Lead Appraisers hosting the webinars and answering questions are Kevin Cotherman and Debbie O’Grady.


The first thing to understand is that each process area of the model has a GP2.2 and GP2.3.  (GP stands for Generic Practice)  GP2.2 practice states, “Establish and maintain the plan for performing the process.”  This practice is usually addressed in the project plans, e.g., PMP, SEMP, CM Plan, PPQA Plan, Test Plan, Process Improvement Plan, etc.  The process for creating these plans, such as templates with instructions, would serve as the GP2.2 artifact for a Class C.  Creating these plans would serve as the implementation artifact for this practice for a Class B or A.

GP2.3 states, “Provide adequate resources for performing the process, developing the work products, and providing the services of the process.”  This practice is looking for resources to perform the specific practices (SPs) for each process area.  In other words, do the projects/basic units/support groups have enough people, time, budget, tools, and facilities to perform all of the specific practices for each process area?

The resources could be documented in the various plans (see GP2.2) and would be the same Class C artifact.  For a Class B/A, those plans would be the artifact for GP2.3.  For other resources there could be a demo of a tool that is being used or a tour of a testing facility could also be considered an artifact.  Plus there will be a question about having adequate resources asked during a Class B/A interview session.  The answer would be another piece of objective evidence.

If you want to ask your own questions, you can ask in our contact us section. Kevin Cotherman and Debbie O’Grady will get them answered on the next ”Ask The Lead Appraisers” webinar – or if you wish to remain anonymous, just send us an email.



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